Texas Immigration Case Could Influence Family Separation Lawsuit

As individuals across the country continue to debate the federal government’s newly-rescinded policy of separating minor children from their immigrant parents at the border, a Texas immigration case could impact the ultimate outcome of the controversy. Although the issue is somewhat moot due to the Trump administration’s recent backpedaling on its zero-tolerance stance, the fact remains that an unknown number of immigrant parents and children remain impacted by the harsh policy. To date, the federal government has released no formal plans for reuniting these children with their parents. It also may be difficult to judge whether the separations are no longer occurring. After the Trump administration implemented this policy, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed suit to halt the practice. The case, which now is a class action lawsuit, concerns a Brazilian woman who sought asylum after arriving at the U.S.-Mexican border last summer. She passed a credible…

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