Tennessee Couple and Utah Pharmacy Indicted in San Diego Federal Court for $65 Million TRICARE Fraud Allegations Relating to Compounded Medications Mailed to Active Duty Military

Compounded medication cases continue to be filed by federal and state prosecutors. A case filed two weeks ago in San Diego (a military town) involves recruiting active military duty patients, a Utah pharmacy that shipped compounded medications, and a medical clinic in Tennessee who had doctors prescribe the medications based on telemedicine exams that did not meet TRICARE rules. The billing at issue here is solely  TRICARE, a government health care program that covers United States service members, retirees, and their dependents. It is not clear if there was also billing to third party insurance.  On or about January 26, 2018, Jimmy Collins and Ashley Collins, a married couple living in Tennessee were Indicted and arraigned in San Diego federal court that they illegally billed TRICARE more than $65 million in pharmacy reimbursement funds.According to the indictment, Jimmy and Ashley Collins conspired with CFK, Inc., the owner of The Medicine…

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