Teens Face Charges of Attempted Murder on Broward Police Officer

Four teens recently appeared in court to face charges of attempted murder of a police officer in Broward County after an alleged robbery attempt in Miramar, NBC News reports. Attempted murder charges in Fort Lauderdale are among the most serious on the books and Florida law treats the charge as such. The punishments are severe, that's why aggressively defending the charges with an experienced Broward County Criminal Defense Attorney is important. Challenging all aspects of a case is critical when someone's liberty is on the line. According to the news report, an 18-year-old, 16-year-old and two 15-year-olds are accused of following a woman as she drove through Miami Gardens back to her home in Broward County. Before the woman got out of her vehicle, one of the 15-year-olds allegedly placed a gun on her head and demanded her gold bracelet. The teens allegedly then fled in a gray Nissan after Miramar Police arrived and they eventually ran away, but were pursued by police officers. The officers then allege that's when the 16-year-old turned and fired some rounds at the officers. No one was injured and the suspects were captured by police. While only the 16-year-old allegedly fired at officers, all suspects face a charge of attempted murder. It's unclear from the article if they face robbery charges as well. They all face the attempted murder charge because prosecutors allege the group worked in accord, meaning they will all face the consequences of each others' actions. In Florida, those who are considered co-conspirators can be charged with crimes committed by co-defendants. For instance, if a pair decides to rob a store and one of them pulls out a gun and the store owner dies of a heart attack, both can be charged with murder. That's because the allegation is that they were working together to commit the felony charge of robbery when the death occurred. It's the same situation here. And for these juveniles, the stakes are even higher. Juvenile crimes in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida are important to diligently defend against because of the long-term consequences. Juveniles who are arrested are less likely to get scholarships, jobs and be admitted to college if they are convicted. For the sake of their future, the charges must be fought. In this case, if the juveniles are tried as adults, they will face a possible punishment of up to 30 years in prison, as attempted murder is a first-degree felony. It's possible they could be charged as juveniles, in the juvenile system that attempts to rehabilitate, but given the seriousness of the charges, that may not happen. An experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney may have the skills to convince prosecutors to treat the non-violent offenders as juveniles and seek less-serious charges if they can show their participation level was low and they don't have a criminal history.

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