Tax Rates and Your Business (or Personal) Investments

I'm a member of the Oklahoma Networking Professionals group. One of our members, Michael Rainbolt with EdwardJones investments, presented at our meeting. Michael is a financial adviser, so his presentation corresponded with his work. In this case, Michael's point was that small business owner's should be aware that taxes will increase, and your investments need to reflect those increases. To highlight this, Michael introduced us to a list of tax rates from 1913 to present. Michael advised us that our current tax rates are at some of their their lowest (check out 1951 – $200,000-plus = 91%, OUCH!). To remove us from current economic climate and pay off our debt, it's almost certain that Congress will need to raise taxes across the board. I suggest you speak with Michael about investing your money wisely. Tax Rates and Your Business (or Personal) Investments is a post from Absolute Legal Services, LLC. We are a law firm located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that handles personal injury matters, consumer disputes, business issues, social security problems, and immigration concerns. Please visit our homepage to learn more about our firm, and contact us for legal assistance. Don't forget to subscribe to this feed in your feed reader (we recommend Google Reader). Random Posts A follow-up on closing costs Another Strike Against Insurance Companies Insurance Companies – The essence of bad faith?

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