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What Occupy Wall Street Owes to Zoning

From the Wall Street Journal's Developments blog: What Occupy Wall Street Owes to Zoning. Occupy Wall Street's monthlong protest has been helped by donors willing to supply food, temperate fall weather and support from organized labor and some elected officials…. … Continue reading

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Real Estate – Law Zoning and Land Use Issues

Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution establishes that the right to own private property is subject to "measures as dictated by the public interest…," in the manner that competent authorities, at the federal, state and municipal levels, deem necessary in … Continue reading

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Washington D.C. Plans to Overhaul Its Zoning Code

To promote sustainability, Washington, D.C. is changing its fifty-year-old zoning code. The D.C. Office of Planning has been reviewing the city's zoning code since 2007, and has already written most of the changes it plans to submit to the Zoning … Continue reading

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Zoning and Regulation of Detroit’s Adult Entertainment Businesses: Has it gone too far?

I. Background Detroit has been working hard to revive the city and bring residential growth to the downtown area. [1] Millions of dollars have gone into renovating historic buildings, creating new public transportation, reviving the riverfront and building residential lofts… … Continue reading

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Money and Politics in Zoning — Who Would Have Thought?

The Chicago Tribune has a remarkable series of stories based on an investigation into Chicago zoning practices. From their summary: In an unprecedented investigation, the Tribune analyzed a decade of zoning changes to detail how real estate interests have funneled… … Continue reading

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