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Cruise Lines Have Zero Tolerance Policy on Marijuana, Illegal Drugs and Banned Substances

Recent cruise ship news headlines have featured drug busts. Remember the two British senior citizens who were smuggling roughly 20 pounds of cocaine on a Marco Polo cruise ship around the Caribbean? Or the 14 passengers who were waiting to … Continue reading

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Transfer Of Zero Value Stock Cannot Be Challenged As Fraudulent

Often, a debtor will own an interest in real estate or business corporation/LLC that has no present value, but which the debtor anticipates will some day be worth significant money. Examples are upside down real estate or a start up … Continue reading

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Net Zero Certification Program Announced by USGBC

Much as NASA developed dozens of life changing and useful inventions that benefitted all as it raced to the moon, USGBC may be the catalyst for new, cutting edge technologies in the race to net zero buildings. There is no … Continue reading

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How new lawyers can go from zero clients to full employment

They don’t teach attorneys how to get new clients and generate new business in law school. But, regardless of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, whether you have a lot of friends or are building a starter network, business … Continue reading

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A Zero Sum Game in the Trademark World?

We’ve had a lot of nothing — meaning zero, and the trademark meaning, if any, of zero — on our mind lately, so imagine my surprise to see this soap “brand” for the first time last week in a hotel: … Continue reading

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