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#The2Llife: Taking Care of Yourself – Just do it

#The2Llife Taking Care of Yourself – Just do it GUEST BLOG Courtney Boykin, 2L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law               … leisure reading can be equally important, if … Continue reading

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"[Sion] Jair has heard the advice that you should test yourself mentally, do sudoku, crosswords and the like. But this doesn’t work for him."

"Not long ago, he tried to do a 'coffee time' crossword. He did it every day, in five minutes. But now he just stared blankly at the newspaper. 'Do you know, I couldn’t do two or three clues,' he says, … Continue reading

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Protect Yourself from Fraud In 2018 – Part One: Preventing Identity Theft

Unfortunately, we live in a time when identity theft and fraud are running rampant. Almost every month, we hear of major security breaches with companies like Yahoo, Uber, Equifax, and Dropbox all compromised. When these types of breaches occur, millions … Continue reading

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Don’t Share It, Keep It To Yourself: Social Media and the Personal Injury Lawsuit

Among the most important parts of any personal injury or medical malpractice case is the “discovery” process.  “Discovery” refers to the exchange of information relevant to the claims in the case between the parties.  The discovery process is how the … Continue reading

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Facing a Domestic Violence Case Far from Your Florida Home? Don’t Ignore It; Take Strong Action to Protect Yourself

If you find yourself in the stressful and likely frightening situation of facing a domestic violence case in some faraway state where you’ve not lived for many years (or never lived at all), you have several options. One option is … Continue reading

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