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Market Yourself on Twitter without Being an Asshole

Sometimes my lawyer friends throw me a compliment about being “good at Twitter.” I always have to stifle a chuckle. The truth is, I put in less than ten minutes a day (and maybe less than five). I don’t produce … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Protect Yourself Before Selecting a Contractor

You have saved and are ready to build the house of your dreams. If you select the wrong contractor, however, it could quickly turn into a nightmare. There are plenty of great contractors in Southwest Florida but there are a … Continue reading

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Pay Yourself First Part II: How to implement it.

In performing financial autopsies for my bankruptcy clients over the past 25 years I have noticed one common mistake people make. They fail to prioritize their money. Priorities matter. Successful people have a common trait–they prioritize their day and do … Continue reading

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Pay Yourself First

There is one simple habit that all financially successful people do–they pay themselves first. That phrase has always annoyed me.  Pay myself first?  What exactly does that mean? I heard financial gurus say that phrase over and over, and it … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Lawyer or Can You Represent Yourself in a New York Personal Injury Claim?

I hate to break it to you, but despite all the cute auto insurance ads on TV, insurance companies are not “nice guys”.  At least not if you were injured through the negligence of their insured.  You have to understand … Continue reading

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