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A dozen tech experts opine on what went wrong with Facebook and the answer is?

The Internet Apologizes…Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong — from the architects who built it. By Noah Kulwin, New York Magazine. “Something has gone wrong with the … Continue reading

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Interrupted Childhoods and Overrepresentation in the Wrong Places

Race is an artificial and arbitrary social construct, and there is no biological or scientific basis for the racial distinctions we make between people. It is a function of our history and our misconceptions of how people have existed or … Continue reading

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Webinar: Cloud Technology: You’re Doing It Wrong

Part 2 of the 5 Part Accellis & Affinity Getting Cloud Comfortable Series Don’t let a cloud migration slow your firm’s productivity down! Listen as our cloud expert John discusses how to avoid common mistakes. He’ll also explore the idea … Continue reading

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Debt Settlement — Why the Critics Are Wrong

Debt Settlement — Why the Critics Are Wrong Source: Flickr After October 17, 2005, a lot of people are going to become interested in debt settlement as an alternative to bankruptcy. That’s the date the new bankruptcy law goes into … Continue reading

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Wrong Number! D.C. Circuit Rules on Challenges to the FCC’s 2015 TCPA Order Part I: The Debate Over Defining ‘Autodialer’

Photo from freestocks.org courtesy of the Creative Commons License. Robocalls – everyone has strong feelings about them. In many cases robocalls, or automated calls and text messages, serve a useful function (and not just for telemarketing). But unfortunately, they are … Continue reading

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