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Who is Held Liable After A Rental Scooter Wreck?

original article found on The Dallas Observer No matter your walk off life, there’s a better than zero chance that when presented with cheap, two-wheeled motorized transportation on demand, you’re going to give in. There’s also a better than zero chance … Continue reading

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Five Things You Should Do After a Georgia Car Wreck

In the aftermath of a Georgia car wreck, many people are shocked and confused about what to do. Although most of us will be involved in a wreck at some point in our lives, few of us are prepared for … Continue reading

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16 Year-Old, Suzanna Brooke Grigsby, Dies After Wreck Near Mount Pleasant High School

Suzanna Brooke Grigsby, of Mount Pleasant, died Sunday after a wreck the evening of Wednesday, April 25. Suzanna Brooke Grigsby According to Mount Pleasant police, Three teens leaving Drill Team practice were involved in an auto accident near Mount Pleasant … Continue reading

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Tech Wreck 2.0

In the year 2000, when the historic “Tech Bubble” popped, millions of investors were left holding the bag after their financial advisors over-concentrated them in unsuitable and risky high technology and internet stocks. What followed was a wave of investment fraud … Continue reading

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BREAKING: $12.5M Verdict at Trial Against Suzuki Over Role Brake Defect Played in Motorcycle Wreck

Stock image.  Douglasville, GA—A Georgia jury Wednesday found Suzuki Motor Corp. and its American subsidiary responsible for the motorcycle crash that shattered a Georgia man’s spine, handing down a $12.5 million verdict at trial against the companies.Johns v. Suzuki, et … Continue reading

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