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Meet ATJ Bot – The World’s First Legal Aid Voice Assistant

Artificial Lawyer: “LawDroid, the legal bot developer, has now launched ATJ Bot, a voice operated legal aid assistant that initially will focus on giving help on uncontested divorces. The project has been backed by America’s main legal aid body, the Legal … Continue reading

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World’s Richest Man After Divorce?

Will Jeff Bezos still be the “worlds richest man” after getting divorced?  Maybe.  A lot depends on whether Bezos and his wife executed a contract that is often referred to as a Prenup or Pre-Nuptial agreement. Of course, Jeff Bezos may … Continue reading

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Why the PDF Is Secretly the World’s Most Important File Format

Motherboard – The story of the PDF, the file format that’s become one of the internet’s defining information tools. It’ll be with us after we’re long gone. “The Portable Document Format, or PDF, is everywhere. But it’s still a format … Continue reading

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Not elder law: Worlds oldest fossil found in Mexico

Mexican scientists said they have determined that a lobster fossil found in the southern state of Chiapas is, at 110 million years old, the oldest fossil ever found. The 1995 find on the border with Guatemala could indicate that the… … Continue reading

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When Worlds of Bankruptcy & Family Law Collide

Bankruptcy, actual or threatened, can cause a genuine disruption in the force when divorce is on the table. That collision can be liberating or disruptive, depending on the timing of a bankruptcy filing and the goals of your client. Because … Continue reading

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