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Gadolinium Toxicity Risks Higher In Children, Pregnant Women, And In People Receiving Multiple Doses

Gadolinium Deposition Disease And Neurological Adverse Reactions Associated With The Use Of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents   (Posted by Tom Lamb at DrugInjuryWatch.com)   In May 2018 Health Canada announced the results of its second safety review of Magnevist, MultiHance, Omniscan, … Continue reading

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Why Do Women Retire Earlier Than Men?

The current trend in America is that women average a life span of almost 87 years which is 4 years longer than that of men. But due to child rearing and other forms of care giving women usually earn less… … Continue reading

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Reports show bias against women in public safety agencies; men oblivious

Washington Post [paywall]: “Two new reports show how hard it is for women to shoot through Uncle Sam’s glass ceiling, even when they carry guns. Studies by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Justice Department’s inspector general demonstrate that in … Continue reading

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Prochoicelife: Can the government protect life without coercing women?

June 28, 2018 (New York Times): The End of Abortion, by Reva Siegel: With the retirement of Justice Kennedy, we are now at "the moment of reckoning." Professor Reva Siegel weighs in on what we can expect in an op… … Continue reading

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For Women In Papua New Guinea, Income From Selling Betel Nut Can Come At Heavy Price

From NPR: The women are mostly in their early 20s. They have children at home. Selling betel nut — an addictive, natural chew — to passersby in mountain towns of Papua New Guinea is a good way to earn a… … Continue reading

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