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Big Lots' Allegedly Dirty Floor Blamed For Woman’s Injuries As Slip And Fall Trial Begins

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Johns Hopkins Evades Maryland Woman’s Medical Malpractice Claim Over Misdiagnosis of Rare Disease

A misdiagnosis can have severe and long-term consequences for a patient. If you have been hurt because a medical professional misdiagnosed your condition, you may be able to seek compensation for your harm. At Arfaa Law Group, our diligent Baltimore … Continue reading

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A Pennsylvania Woman’s Root Canal Went Awry, and Her Lawsuit Did Too Because She Litigated Without Legal Representation

For many people, trips to the dentist are never fun. That is especially true if you are headed to the dentist’s office to get a root canal procedure. What could be worse than that, you might wonder. Well, one possibility … Continue reading

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"You would think people might be put off, but they weren’t. Not when Mr. Sedaris wrote 'Christ died for you' in one woman’s book…"

"… or when in another’s book he drew a picture of a three-legged bear with blood spewing from its stump because, he said, it had stepped on a land mine; or when he wrote 'you will not be alone forever' … Continue reading

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Woman’s Body Held in Ohio Mortuary for More Than a Year

Nancy Jo Roberts died with no family in Cincinnati to take care of her remains. After her death, her body was taken to a funeral home in Colerain Township, Ohio. Once the staff at the funeral home realized that Roberts… … Continue reading

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