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Letters of Intent Without a Final Contract are Just a Piece of Paper

Letters of Intent are often a good place to start negotiations for all types of transactions. I’ve written about this before (see post HERE). They can be very helpful in setting the parties’ expectations and helping to draft the contract.  … Continue reading

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Convenience Fees Not Allowed Without Consent in Debt Agreement

Debtors have multiple payment methods they can use to transfer money when repaying debts. Some forms of payment incur additional convenience fees, such as when debtors use credit cards or money orders. Creditors have at times formed agreements with the third-party vendors to share these … Continue reading

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It's an ex-Lanham Act case without evidence of materiality

Not Dead Yet Manufacturing Inc. v. Pride Solutions, LLC, 2018 WL 688324, No. 13 C 3418 (N.D. Ill. Feb. 2, 2018)Previous discussion.  The court reconsidered its summary judgment decisions on plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration, but left the false advertising result … Continue reading

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FTC Orders – Doesn’t Warn – Bollman Hat Company to Cease Deceptive “Made in USA” Claims, Licensing “American Made Matters” Seal to Others without Proper Vetting

As we reported a few months ago, the FTC has increased its enforcement of its “Made in USA” requirements – typically through warning letters rather than formal administrative or legal proceedings. This week’s proposed Consent Order against Bollman Hat Company … Continue reading

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Tool Without a Handle: Privacy and Moral Hazard

Discussions of privacy tend to focus on the value of privacy.  This post agrees that privacy has value in practical terms, as an important moral principle, and for its contribution to human flourishing.[1]  At the same time, these observations are … Continue reading

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