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Wisconsin Court Holds Father Is Obligated to Pay Daughter’s College Expenses

With the importance of higher education in today’s society, many couples who are contemplating divorce must discuss not only how child support will be divided while their children are growing up, but also whether, and how, their children’s higher education … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Nursing Home Fall Cases

Time and again, one of the most common-if not the most common-source of injury in nursing homes is falls. They’re so frequent because they can arise at any time or at any place: beds, chairs, toilets, and a million others. … Continue reading

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Healthcare Power of Attorney in Wisconsin

While planning for a catastrophic accident is something we may never want to think about, creating a power of attorney for someone to act in our best interest in the event that we become incapacitated is an important aspect of … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Man Wins His Life Savings Back from State of Wyoming

What would have been a simple traffic stop in Wyoming turned into a nightmare as a Wisconsin man lost his entire life savings to asset forfeiture. The man, Phil Parhamovich, was pulled over earlier in March of this year for … Continue reading

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Asbestos Violations at Wisconsin Plant

Workers at Grede's factory were ordered to take part in the renovation of an oven which contained large amounts of asbestos. They were not informed that the materials they were supposed to remove contained asbestos either and moreover, they were … Continue reading

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