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Herbicide Regulators Differ on Whether to Ban Dicamba

As the weather heats up and summer gets into full swing, so does the growing season for major crops in America, bringing with it an enduring problem: weeds. Chemicals that kill weeds—herbicides—serve as an important tool for weed control. The … Continue reading

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How Do You Know Whether a Debt Collector’s Calls are Harassment?

How much is too much?  Unfortunately, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and its Florida counterpart do not specify a particular number of calls per day that a creditor can make when trying to collect a debt. An older Florida … Continue reading

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Legal Debate Continues Over Whether Pets Should Be Considered Something Other Than Property Following the End of a Relationship

We’ve previously blogged about what happens to pets following a separation or divorce. The unfortunate answer for many pet owners is that, legally, pets are treated no differently than any other piece of property (i.e. car, etc.), and therefore, unlike … Continue reading

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Mignanelli on Whether Satan Is a Transactions Attorney @nmignanelli

Nicholas Mignanelli, University of Miami School of Law, has published Is Satan a Transactions Attorney? An Account of Satanic Imagery in Law and Literature. Here is the abstract. What can the history of satanic imagery in law and literature teach … Continue reading

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Alternate Dispute Resolution Comes to Association Communities (Whether they want it or not)

The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed House Bill 595, which is expected to be signed by Governor Wolf.  This Bill gives a process for deciding disputes in Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations.  There are a few things that every Association should know … Continue reading

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