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South Dakota Lawmakers Thoughtfully Consider Whether Letting Insurers Steal Worker’s Comp Is A Good Idea

Politicians in Pierre may restrict workers’ right to bring conniving insurers to court. Until now, individuals who’ve been ripped off on worker’s compensation have been to file suits against their insurance company. If the law changes, ‘people who are treated … Continue reading

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Sleep deprivation: Know whether it’s a performance problem or a disability

Employers striving for a diverse workforce take care not to discriminate against employees with a disability, but hidden disabilities can be tricky. Supervisors might think they’re dealing with performance problems when they really should be considering whether an employee has … Continue reading

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Still Wondering Whether SCOTUS Will Resolve the Copyright Registration Debate

This post follows up on my prior blog post regarding the case pending at the United States Supreme Court involving the question of when a copyright holder can properly file a copyright infringement lawsuit.  The petitioner, Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp., … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Decide Whether Colleges Must Have Qualified Medical Personnel at Athletic Events

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether colleges must have qualified medical personnel present at intercollegiate athletic events to protect student athletes from injury. Our firm is counsel for the student athletes who filed this lawsuit after they … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Pritikin on Whether Law and Literature Can Be Practical @concordlaw

ICYMI: Martin H. Pritikin, Concord Law School, has published Can Law and Literature Be Practical? The Crucible and the Federal Rules of Evidence at 115 West Virginia Law Review 687 (2012). Counter-intuitively, one of the best ways to learn the … Continue reading

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