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Empowering Women in Law: What Could Happen If You Were Truly Empowered to Lead?

This is for every woman in law who is ready for real change now. Please join us for an event unlike anything on the planet, EMPOWERMENT 2018. From Tuesday through Friday, Sept. 12-14 we'll be hosting some of the most… … Continue reading

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The 6 Steps to Take If You Were Involved In Car Accident.

It’s five o’ clock on a Friday and you’re heading home after an exhausting week of work. You’re practically on auto-pilot with the thought of the impending weekend being the only fuel guiding you home, and then BAM-it happens. You … Continue reading

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"We Were Best Buddies"

With the bar exam a looming specter a few months away you may be thinking of going into a deep dark hole until after the Bar. Don't. Your fiends can be a tremendous fountain of strength and support. The friendship … Continue reading

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April 2018: Over 150 New Malibu Media Cases were Filed in 10 States

If you have received a copyright infringement lawsuit from Malibu Media alleging the illegal download of their adult films, then you’re not alone. The California motion picture company Malibu Media has alleged that thousands of BitTorrent users illegally downloaded, copied, … Continue reading

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Lender’s $4.5 Million of Promissory Notes Were Unregistered Securities

A case involving real estate lending illustrates the perils of failing to comply with the securities laws.  Last fall the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint against Paul Z. Singer, a Philadelphia-based lender, and his company, Singer Financial Corp. … Continue reading

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