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NJ Senate Advances Ban on Sex Harassment Confidentiality Agreements – Employment Law This Week

Featured on Employment Law This Week: NJ Senate Advances Ban on Sex Harassment Confidentiality Agreements. The New Jersey Senate wants no more secrecy around harassment claims. On a 34-to-1 vote, the chamber approved legislation banning involving sexual harassment claims. The … Continue reading

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Republican leadership reaches deal to put off immigration rebellion, will vote on 2 bills next week

CNN reports that Republicans leaders late yesterday night managed to pull together a long-awaited immigration agreement that satisfied both moderates and conservatives in their ranks, just moments before a self-imposed but significant deadline expired for a moderate-led insurrection on the… … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Ninth Nixes Extortion Contortions – Edling and "Crime of Violence" Under Guideline Definition

  Did Tony Soprano extort by threatening “physical injury” to his victim's iPad?  (Yeah, the Ninth doesn’t think so, either.)United States v. Edling, 2018 WL 2752208 (9thCir. June 8, 2018), decision available here.Players: Decision by Judge Watford, joined by C.J. … Continue reading

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Jones v. Livesay, published Ky Court of Appeals Opinion affirming last week

JONES V. LIVESAY After dissolution of marriage proceeding, Wife appealed on four issues. The Court of Appeals begins with a lengthy discussion of substantial compliance because Wife failed to follow the Civil Rules.   First, Wife argues that “the visitation … Continue reading

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Unvested restricted stock units declared nonmarital property – Ky Court of Appeals Published Opinion last week

NORMANDIN V. NORMANDIN   Husband and Wife divorced and the family court entered an order on child support, maintenance, and property division. Wife appealed challenging the family court’s conclusions of law on a number of issues.   Read more detail … Continue reading

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