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2 Ways to Establish Paternity in Ohio

In the state of Ohio, a child born to an unmarried mother does not have a legal father. This can be problematic for many men because not having legal paternity established means that the mother has all the decision-making power … Continue reading

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Ways to Help Build Your Childrens Self-Esteem

Children whose parents divorce sometimes suffer damage to their self-esteem, even when both parents act appropriately.  The following steps can help build childrens self-esteem: Give your child a sincere compliment when you see him/her doing well or being good. Spend … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Know you Need a Guardianship for Mom (or Dad)

Many adult children see that once their parents reach a certain age, their roles may reverse. The child may be taking care of the parent more and more. But when does the child know that it is time to take… … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Be Safer on Public Wifi

You and I both know its pronounced “Why-Fi,” and not “Whiff-ee”. We live in a time where public wifi is incredibly popular, but did you know the many risks associated with logging on to these public hotspots? You’re out of … Continue reading

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Six Ways Predictive Analysis can be Used to Identify and Combat Healthcare Fraud

With the development of big data and predictive analytics, it is easier today than ever before to detect and prevent healthcare fraud. Gone are the days of lengthy, old-fashioned investigation, and here to stay are new technologies that can identify … Continue reading

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