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WesternGeco v. Ion: Will the Supreme Court Take Patent Damages Into Uncharted (International) Waters?

The Supreme Court will soon decide, in WesternGeco, LLC v. Ion Geophysical Corp., whether a patent owner can recover damages for a defendant’s activities outside the United States.  A ruling that reverses the court of appeals and allows such “extraterritorial” … Continue reading

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Pruitt Memo Centralizes Veto Power on Waters of the U.S.

On March 30, 2018, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued a memorandum eliminating the authority of Regional Administrators to veto decisions by the Army Corps of Engineers to grant a permit for impacts to streams or wetlands.  The veto authority has … Continue reading

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Woman Falls Overboard Pacific Dawn, In Rough Waters Off New Caledonia

While many accidents and injuries at sea can be prevented, there are some situations when an extremely unexpected accident takes place. That is exactly what happened this week, when a woman was washed overboard the Pacific Dawn, into rough waters, … Continue reading

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Ninth Circuit rules Clean Water Act permit required for indirect discharge to ocean waters

It was a great exam question (at least I thought so — you’ll have to ask my Environmental Law and Policy students if they agree): does the disposal of treated wastewater from a municipal wastewater treatment plant into the ground … Continue reading

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Taxation of cryptocurrency: unchartered territory and treacherous waters

With the recent market uproar for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the tax question is becoming more and more pertinent. Whether one is trading in cryptocurrency, issuing it in an effort to raise capital, hanging onto it as a long term … Continue reading

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