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What Does Trump’s “Waters of the U.S.” Rollback Mean for California?

Last week, the Trump EPA announced its proposed rule to roll back the Obama administration’s 2015 “Waters of the United States” rule (“WOTUS Rule”).  Early in his tenure, Trump had announced his intent to repeal and replace the WOTUS Rule, … Continue reading

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Russian Seizure of Ukrainian Ships Raises Questions about the International Legal Status of Crimea and its Territorial Waters

On Sunday November 25th, three Ukrainian vessels were captured by the Russian coast guard while travelling through the Kerch Strait and several soldiers were injured in the short firefight which ensued. The strait, which lies between the Russian mainland and … Continue reading

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Holland America Passenger Medevaced From Cruise Ship in Alaska Waters

A news release from the U.S. Coast Guard stated a woman was medevaced from a Holland America cruise ship near Ketchikan, Alaska on Thursday (Sept. 13th). According to the statement, A 45-foot Response Boat-Medium crew from Coast Guard Station Ketchikan … Continue reading

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Sparkling Water’s Flat Trademarks

Everyone knows if you really want to get zero calories from a beverage without any strings attached, you have to drink water. But what if you hate water? Try sparkling water! Look how exciting it is: If sparkling water is … Continue reading

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WesternGeco v. Ion: Will the Supreme Court Take Patent Damages Into Uncharted (International) Waters?

The Supreme Court will soon decide, in WesternGeco, LLC v. Ion Geophysical Corp., whether a patent owner can recover damages for a defendant’s activities outside the United States.  A ruling that reverses the court of appeals and allows such “extraterritorial” … Continue reading

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