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U.S. Waterways Are Getting Saltier, With Possible Effects on Drinking Water

Science: U.S. rivers are getting saltier, potentially compromising drinking water: “The bomb cyclone that hit the northeastern United States last week left roadways and vehicles caked in a white film of road salt and grime. Those salts might be washing … Continue reading

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FDA Recalls Purified Kroger Baby Water Amid Mold Concerns

A major recall has been issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that parents may be interested in, especially those with babies. The recent recall was issued earlier this week on Monday, and affects gallons of “Kroger’s Comforts For … Continue reading

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Standing Water, Contaminated Equipment Likely Culprits in Listeria Outbreak

Standing water on the floor of the Jensen Farms cantaloupe packing facility and used equipment that was hard to clean were likely breeding grounds for Listeria monocytogenes, the bacteria responsible for the deadliest outbreak of foodborne illness in almost three … Continue reading

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Municipality can require waterfront greening to protect water

The St. Charles Lake provides half the potable water used by Québec City. When nutrients from human activity began to create plagues of toxic bacteria, the City enacted a by-law requiring owners of lakefront property to put in 10-15 metre … Continue reading

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When Unsafe Drinking Water Hits Home

Yesterday morning I brewed some tea, and then saw a newspaper story revealing that my town's water supply "contained high levels of lead," nearly "six times the national standard." Letters of warning has been sent out to residents, but I… … Continue reading

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