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Watch out for relevant statutes when entering into contracts (but also, read your own contract language)

A recent case out of the Eastern District of Virginia, K12 Insight LLC v. Johnston County Board of Education, Civil Action No. 1:17-cv-1397, is a cautionary tale for being aware of how statutes can affect contracts. But, also, it could… … Continue reading

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MoviePass Bankruptcy Watch

The financial travails of MoviePass and its parent company Helios & Matheson caught my eye today. I almost never go to see movies in theaters, so MoviePass was an unfamiliar business to me, but the basic idea is that the … Continue reading

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Public Lands Watch: ESA Regulations

One of the most important statutes for management of federal public lands is the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  It’s important because it requires all federal agencies to avoid jeopardizing the existence of listed endangered and threatened species through their actions, … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Really in Trouble? – Investment Watch Blog

As wildly successful venture capitalist Peter Thiel says: most companies in the Nasdaq are not actually tech companies; they are anti-tech companies. What we consider to be tech companies are actually banking on the fact that no new companies come … Continue reading

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Flash Flood Watch for Roanoke County Tonight

A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for Roanoke County and the surrounding area tonight until 5 AM tomorrow.  Thunderstorms are expected to develop and torrential downpours are possible.  The National Weather Service is predicting that 1 to 3 inches … Continue reading

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