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Serious Accidents Waiting to Happen on Chicago Lakefront Bicycle Path

While biking along Chicago’s lake front bicycle path near Diversey Harbor, personal injury attorney, Peter Zneimer of Zneimer & Zneimer P.C. observed much confusion regarding which lanes were to be used by bikers and which lanes were to used by … Continue reading

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Is There a Waiting Period to Get a Divorce in Alabama?

Yes, there is a mandatory waiting period before a divorce can be finalized in Alabama. According to the Code of Alabama §30-2-1, et. seq., there is a thirty day waiting period that must pass after the date of filing the … Continue reading

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Rational Security: The 'Still Waiting for the Mueller Report' Edition

This week: What else?! The gang talks about Bill Barr's summary of the Mueller report. What did the special counsel say about a Trump campaign conspiracy with Russia? What did he say about obstruction of justice by the president? And … Continue reading

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Woman Tries to Remove Waiting Period for Spouses Divorcing Due to Domestic Violence

In North Carolina, a law that imposes a cooling off period can present a difficult problem if one spouse is being battered. Recently, Woman’s Day ran a piece about domestic violence and the difficulties of being an abused spouse who … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Waiting My Whole Life for a Green New Deal

In 2016, millennials (those of us born between 1981 and 1996) surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest share of the US population. Yet you’d never know it by our relative shares of Congressional representation. Even after the great Millennial Wave … Continue reading

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