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California state and minimum wage issues in 2018

I just posted a new video on my YouTube channel about the issues facing employers with the state and local minimum wage increases in 2018 (embedded below).  At the end of the first quarter in 2018, it is a good … Continue reading

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Data Visualization: China Minimum Wage Standard Map 2018

NOTE: 1. Minimum wage standard of each province is determined by the standard of its capital. Please note that the Min. wage standard of some capitals are not highest in the province, e.g. Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong; 2. Minimum wage … Continue reading

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Arbitration of Wage Hour Claims Controversy Continues Unabated

The controversy over whether employees must arbitrate wage claims continues with full force. A federal judge has just sent to arbitration a claim by an employee that the Company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by not paying him overtime … Continue reading

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50 Places Raising the Minimum Wage in 2018

24/7 Wall St: 50 Places Raising the Minimum Wage in 2018 “Several dozen American cities, counties, and states raised local minimum wages on January 1. In a few California cities, the minimum wage increased by $2.00 or more per hour. In … Continue reading

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California’s $15 minimum wage may mean more automated jobs | The Sacramento Bee

Boosting minimum wages will, indeed, prod employers to find ways to reduce their labor forces and thus, as the UW study found, may decrease “total employee earnings,” but those who can hold onto their jobs may, indeed, as the UC … Continue reading

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