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Voters Hold Bob McCulloch Accountable in St. Louis County

Momentum for a progressive prosecutorial revolution is building. This week, voters in St. Louis County sent a clear message of support for the creation of a smarter justice system.  In the race for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, the incumbent … Continue reading

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Voters’ Distrust of Legislators Drives Agency Lawmaking

Do you trust Congress to make laws with your best interests at heart? If your answer is no, you are not alone: In late 2017, only about 35 percent of Americans trusted Congress, compared to 45 percent for the executive … Continue reading

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Voters More Focused on Control of Congress and the President Than in Past Midterms

“GOP leads on economy, Democrats on health care, immigration – The congressional elections are more than four months away, but voter engagement is high when compared with comparable points in previous midterm cycles. And a record share of registered voters … Continue reading

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San Francisco voters send strong message cracking down on kids’ vaping

San Francisco voters, upholding their elected leaders’ enlightened lawmaking, bashed Big Tobacco and its interests, providing a potent primary election message to public health officials nationwide to curb the growing menace to young people posed by e-cigarettes and vaping. By … Continue reading

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Will voters recall what Trump and GOP do on health, not just what they say?

As voters make up their minds about this fall’s mid-term races, they may wish to burn into their memories how the Trump Administration has dealt, so far, and especially in recent days, with government social programs that have huge effects … Continue reading

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