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Moroccan Law Criminalizes Forced Marriage And Sexual Violence

From BBC News: The law includes a ban on forced marriage, sexual harassment in public places, and tougher penalties for certain forms of violence. It has been criticised by Human Rights Watch for not explicitly criminalising marital rape and lacking… … Continue reading

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Law 101: The Possibilities of Domestic Violence

There are two chances in many states to maintain a individual accountable for domestic violence, and those exist in the civil or criminal cases against the perpetrator of their competitive behavior. Factors of this statute of limitations will rely on … Continue reading

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Mythbusting Illinois Domestic Violence

Illinois has enacted stringent domestic violence laws designed to safeguard victims from their abusers. However, merely passing a law does not eliminate the problem, and misinformation abounds which can wind up leading victims up the proverbial garden path. If you … Continue reading

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New Jersey Domestic Violence Trends Getting Worse

With all the transparency about domestic violence incidents occurring at an alarming rate, one would think these incidents would begin to decrease rather than increase. Unfortunately, that is not the case. According to the latest report from the New Jersey … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence, Human Rights and Family Courts

In what appears to be a universal phenomenom, mothers who raise allegations that the father is abusing her or the children are often not awarded custody and even less so if the mother alleges sexual abuse. The mothers are accused… … Continue reading

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