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IP Offices still searching for (the holy grail) of innovation and incentives: the view from IPWeek @ SG

There was a time when national IP offices were cozy little operations, dealing with the registration of patents, trademarks and designs. Various national offices did a better or worse job at this, but all agreed- the task of the IP … Continue reading

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M.D.Ala.: Unmarked pill bottle with apparent crack in it was in plain view during protective sweep after arrest in house

Officers came in defendant’s house with an arrest warrant for cocaine delivery. During a protective sweep, an unmarked pill bottle was seen and picked up. It was immediately apparent to the officers that the contents was likely crack cocaine and … Continue reading

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Another View: Suing Las Vegas Victims Got Headlines. Outcome Could Be Big News, Too.

MGM Resorts’s maneuver sets up the first legal test of an antiterrorism law that is meant to protect companies that develop innovative security products. Read more detail on Recent Business Law posts –

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Wisconsin – No Right To Be Seen: View Of Billboard From Public Road Isn't "Property"

In Adams Outdoor Advertising, LP v. City of Madison, No. 2016AP537 (June 19, 2018), the Wisconsin Supreme Court held that the City's construction of a bridge next to — but not on — property on which Adams maintained a non-conforming billboard, … Continue reading

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Oracle’s Internet Intelligence Map presents a real-time view of online threats

Venture Beat: “Distributed denial of service attacks. Malware. State-imposed internet blackouts. It’s hard to keep abreast of every bad actor and natural disaster impacting the internet, but Oracle is making it a bit easier with the launch of Oracle Cloud … Continue reading

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