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Secret Video Surveillance Found in Hospital Labor and Delivery Rooms

The New York Times newly established Privacy Project, recently highlighted the extent to which our society has created a “facial recognition machine” – cameras are everywhere, even in doorbells. Segments of society have accepted widespread surveillance on public streets, shopping … Continue reading

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Webinar Replay: So You Want to be an In House Counsel – Video

Whether you’re a law student, young lawyer, or transitioning attorney, find out what it’s like to work as an In-House Counsel. The post Webinar Replay: So You Want to be an In House Counsel – Video appeared first on ABA … Continue reading

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AOC narrates video from future in which her 'Green New Deal' saves US from environmental catastrophe | Fox News

"Lots of people gave up, they said we were doomed," she said after blaming fossil fuel companies like Exxon for saddling the public with the cost of climate issues. "But some of us remembered that as a nation, we'd been … Continue reading

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Non-party video provides plausibility to falsify claim that hose is "tough enough to tow a truck"

Telebrands Corp. v. Ragner Technol. Corp., No. 16-3474 (ES) (MAH), 2019 WL 1468156 (D.N.J. Apr. 3, 2019)“The dispute between these parties spans multiple lawsuits, multiple jurisdictions, and even multiple countries.” Ragner owns patents for expandable hoses.  Telebrands sells expandable hoses … Continue reading

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Video series on Birds of North America with Jason Ward in Central Park

“Jason Ward has been an avid birdwatcher since he was a kid growing up in the Bronx, where he spotted a peregrine falcon eating a pigeon on a ledge outside his bedroom window. In the first season of Topic’s new … Continue reading

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