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Escheat is very popular

One of the popular ways of dealing with contaminated sites that are "underwater" i.e. where the economic value of the property does not justify remediation, is to abandon it by letting it escheat to the Crown. Escheat happens when a … Continue reading

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Hotel Industry Alert: Some things to feel (very) good about!

By Jim Butler and the Global Hospitality GroupĀ® Hotel Lawyers | Authors of www.HotelLawBlog.com 27 September 2011 Hotel Lawyers with some (very) good news. Of course there are plenty of macro economic issues and industry challenges to worry about. (See … Continue reading

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Providence is a Very Accident Prone City

According to a report from Allstate Insurance (I am willing to cite their reports under the assumption that they are accurate even though they are the worst insurance company in America) Providence, Rhode Island is the fifth most auto accident … Continue reading

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When Silence is Not Very Golden

While it is true that not responding to a trademark cease and desist letter is always an available option, I tend to believe it is rarely a good choice. The strategy of silence seldom makes the issue go away, it … Continue reading

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A very happy mention of my buddy David Polyansky in the L.A. Times

See here, especially the last few lines. Read more detail on Recent Corporate Law Department Posts –

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