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Revisiting “Sham” as a Ground for Piercing the Corporate Veil

[Ashwin Murthy and Sathvik Chandrasekhar are 4th year students from NALSAR University of Law] The doctrine of piercing the corporate veil was clarified in India with the landmark case of Balwant Rai Saluja v Air India (2013), recognising that the veil should rarely … Continue reading

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Third Circuit Veil Piercing Decision in Indagro SA v. Nilva

US Third Circuit Senior Judge Jane Richards Roth issued a bizarre pronouncement in a recent veil piercing opinion: … it is unclear that merely using a corporation to limit personal liability rises… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit … Continue reading

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Case Notes: Piercing the Corporate Veil – Traditionally and Reverse Piercing

Rector, Executor of Est. of James Calvert vs. Calvert, Executrix of Est of James Calvert COA Not Published (6/1/2018) Reverse piercing of the corporate veil was raised in this appeal.  To reach that issue, traditional piercing was examined.  Here are … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement and The Vanishing Corporate Veil

Protecting oneself from personal liability is top on the list when a business owner forms a corporation or similar entity. Lawyers and courts refer to this protection as the "corporate veil". Be careful, though, because your corporate veil is not … Continue reading

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Australia state to propose law requiring face veil removal

[JURIST] The New South Wales (NSW) [official website] government is set to propose legislation next week that will require anyone wearing face coverings, including religious veils, to remove them if requested by police for identification purposes. Refusal could result in … Continue reading

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