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Sue for Head Injury That Happened on Royal Caribbean Vacation?

Can you sue Royal Caribbean for a concussion or severe head injury that occurred while you were a passenger aboard their ship? Well…it depends. Filing an injury claim against Royal Caribbean or suing the cruise line will depend on a … Continue reading

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Hurricane Florence Wreaks Havoc on Cruise Ship Vacation Plans

Hurricane Florence, roiling about in the Atlantic Ocean, in now throwing wind and high waves at cruise ship passengers’ vacation plans – itineraries for cruise ships leaving and going to ports along the East Coast are subject to changes. USA … Continue reading

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Do Millennials Want the Family Vacation Home?

Family vacation homes don’t seem to be as valued by millennials, as they were by previous generations. Minnesota is a good example of a trend that seems to be developing in the U.S., where generations don’t seem to be in … Continue reading

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Five Tips to Consider When Scheduling Vacation Time with the Children Post-Divorce

I know, I know. Summer is coming to an end and despite how much torrential rain we have had, it is still sad to see it fade off into the sunset as the days get shorter and colder. Having just … Continue reading

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California’s unique vacation time requirements

With the summer coming to an end quickly, and people trying to fit in their vacations during these final weeks, it is a good time to review a few aspects of vacation time under California law. There are numerous rules … Continue reading

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