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What is the Proper Venue for a Utah Criminal Case?

Utah Counties and Judicial DistrictsVenue for a Utah Criminal Case is Proper in the County Where the Crime was Committed. How do prosecutors in Utah decide where to file a criminal case, that is, how do they decide what is … Continue reading

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SEC, CFTC Accuse Utah Man Of $170 Million Silver-Trading Ponzi Scheme

State and Federal regulators have accused a Utah man and his company of scamming hundreds of investors out of up to $170 million on promises that trading in silver could yield annual returns of 20% to 40%.  Gaylen Dean Rust … Continue reading

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Insights into the FTC and the Utah Department of Commerce: Consumer Fraud and Business Symposium

On September 20, 2018, the FTC and Utah Department of Commerce held a symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, discussing, among other things, how the two work together to combat consumer fraud in various areas. The panels provided a unique … Continue reading

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Utah Keyword Law Update

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What does Divorce Cost in Utah?

Is it all about the hourly rate? No. The cost of divorce lawyers in Utah ranges widely. You can find law firms that charge based on the income of their clients as low as $75 an hour. Just like anything … Continue reading

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