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Applicant Sues to Block Ohio from Using Racial Preferences in the Award of Commercial Marijuana Licenses

Over at my blog, I've just posted some details about a new lawsuit challenging Ohio's purported use of a "racial quota" in the award of its large-scale marijuana cultivation licenses. Check out the post here. The suit could have some … Continue reading

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New Hires at Google Accused Using Groupon Trade Secrets

The online coupon industry, led by companies such as Groupon Inc., is growing rapidly, and it's still not clear which company or companies will end up the winners. With so much money potentially at stake, it's not surprising that firms … Continue reading

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Central New York Injury Lawyer Recommends Using Projection Technology At Trial

In the Watertown New York personal injury jury trial I wrapped up this week, I used some technology that I feel really made a difference. It is called "Exhibit View", and is a kind of trial presentation software. You load … Continue reading

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Divorce Rumours Quashed Using Social Media

The rumour mill was running rampant in the village of St. Michaels on the Lancashire coast in England when Gary Dean said "That's enough." Dean, a successful advertising executive and publishing entrepreneur, decided to set the record straight by starting … Continue reading

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Job Interviews: How to Succeed By Using the Job Description as Your Focus

// Introduction In your next job interview you'll likely be competing against a number of other highly qualified candidates. The hiring organization may have considerable difficulty deciding which one of you best fits the bill. You need to convince them … Continue reading

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