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Morse on Using Tax Transfer Prices to Inform Patent Damages

In a recent essay titled, "Seeking Comparable Transactions in Patent and Tax," in the University of Texas Law School Review of Litigation, Professor Susan C. Morse discusses the merits of whether tax transfer prices can help inform patent damages.  The … Continue reading

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Using Blockchain to Improve Regulatory Analysis and Reform

Blockchain technology could be used to change the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) from static documentation of regulations into a dynamic source of reliable information on regulatory impact. With a simple search, anyone could determine how long permit approvals take, … Continue reading

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Two Georgia Police Officers Are Terminated After Using a ‘Coin Flip’ to Decide on an Arrest

We expect police to be ethical during roadside arrests. However, two Georgia police officers were recently terminated after using a coin flip to decide on a speeding arrest. The two Georgia police officers were initially placed on leave after they used … Continue reading

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Using part of an "anticipated order" from a competitor's supplier constitutes reverse passing off, despite Dastar

OTR Wheel Eng'g, Inc. v. West Worldwide Servs., Nos. 16-35897 16-35936, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 20520 (9th Cir. Jul. 24, 2018)OTR Wheel and West compete to sell industrial tires. “West asked one of OTR’s suppliers to provide him with sample … Continue reading

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A shorter pitch for using marijuana revenues to create "Commission on Justice Restoration"

Though regular readers might be a bit tired of my eagerness to reference my recent extended article, "Leveraging Marijuana Reform to Enhance Expungement Practices," I am not at all tired of the idea that marijuana reform should always focus on … Continue reading

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