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Belt and Suspenders: Recent Federal Circuit Case Highlights Importance of Using Trade Secret and Patent Protections for IP

Many companies assume that they need to choose between patent protections or trade secret protections for their intellectual property, thereby foregoing an important tool in their arsenal to protect key company assets. Some believe that these protections are diametrically opposed, … Continue reading

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Using A "Fly-Away" Exemption To Avoid Paying Sales Tax On An Aircraft Purchase

When buying an aircraft, one of the issues a buyer must determine is whether the buyer will have to pay any sales tax on the transaction. As you may know, most states charge sales tax on the purchase of tangible … Continue reading

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Quebec Superior Court Judge Busted for Using Cocaine as a Lawyer

Judges who sit in provincial Supreme or Superior Courts (also Queen’s Bench judges), or Courts of Appeal are governed by the Canadian Judicial Council, a body of judges who consider and review complaints made about these judges. Mr. Justice Michel … Continue reading

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Using copyright-protected material as evidence in a court proceeding.

The Swedish Patent and Market Court of Appeal has provided for an interesting ruling (PMFT 2585-17, 2018-01-24) concerning the protection of copyright-protected works when these are used as evidence as a court proceeding.The  case at hand concerned a text written … Continue reading

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Morse on Using Tax Transfer Prices to Inform Patent Damages

In a recent essay titled, "Seeking Comparable Transactions in Patent and Tax," in the University of Texas Law School Review of Litigation, Professor Susan C. Morse discusses the merits of whether tax transfer prices can help inform patent damages.  The … Continue reading

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