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Seventh Circuit Says West Can Resell State Drivers License Records To Authorized Users

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that it's OK for West Publishing to acquire driver's license records, store them in a bulk database, and resell that information to authorized users. West was on the receiving end of a… … Continue reading

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Libya bans unauthorised Thurayas [satellite phones] to treat users as spies

by Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz with the blog faculty Source: Reuters RABAT (Reuters) – Libya warned Thursday that any of its citizens found using a Thuraya satellite phone without a permit would be treated as a spy for NATO. The official … Continue reading

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Any Mac Users Out There? (OS X Lion Video DRM)

I've not been able to find any news outlets that are covering this story, but the word among my Apple friends is that if you play a DVD with Apple's built-in DVD player you are no longer able – as … Continue reading

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More subpoenas on the way to identify John Doe BitTorrent users in copyright cases

First Time Videos v. Does 1-37, 2011 WL 1431619 (N.D. California, April 14, 2011) Hard Drive Productions v. Does 1-118, 2011 WL 1431612 (N.D. California, April 14, 2011) There have been a couple of new cases filed in federal court … Continue reading

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Match.com Will Now Screen its Users for Registered Sex Offenders

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