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Can you buy a new or used vehicle while you are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes! First of all, you can buy anything for cash, no permission is needed – but – you need written permission from the court to get a new loan or new credit while you are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy. … Continue reading

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Calling Jerry Lundegaard: Would You Buy A Used Car From This Attorney?

Discipline imposed by the New York Appellate Division for the Third Judicial Department As a result of, among other things, his involvement in a scheme to defraud a lender during the course of his ownership of a car dealership, respondent… … Continue reading

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Unimpeachable: 7th Circuit Finds Evidence That Sauna Was Used As Place Of Prostitution Inadmissible Under Rape Shield Rule

Like all states, Wisconsin has a rape shield rule. Under Wisconsin's rule, WIS. STAT. Section 972.11(2)(b), in civil and criminal cases involving alleged sex crimes, any evidence concerning the complaining witness's prior sexual conduct or opinions of the witness's prior… … Continue reading

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If the Creek Don't Rise — Montana's Right to Rental for Riverbeds Used by Power Company's Dams Now Before the U.S. Supreme Court – PPL Montana, LLC v. State of Montana

The U.S. Supreme Court will take up another Montana river case. The case involves a dispute between the State of Montana and a power company that purchased dams on several Montana rivers, which are licensed under the Federal Power Act … Continue reading

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Cameras Being Used More Frequently to Catch Elder Abuse

Technology changes have altered virtually every area of our lives-from how we communicate to how we travel. Interestingly, it is also playing an increasingly important role in catching nursing home abuse and neglect. Our Illinois nursing home lawyers have previously … Continue reading

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