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Trade Secrets Laws and the UTSA – A 50 State and Federal Law Survey Chart (updated for Massachusetts)

This is an update to reflect the adoption by Massachusetts of its own version of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act.   The background: Until now, every state but Massachusetts and New York had adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (the UTSA) in one … Continue reading

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Seven Theories of the Case, Updated: One Year Later, What More Do We Know About L’Affaire Russe?

More than a year ago, writing with Jane Chong in May 2017, we laid out what we called, “Seven Theories of the Case: What Do We Really Know about L’Affaire Russe and What Could it All Mean?” The lengthy post … Continue reading

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CMS Releases Updated Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal User Guide Noting Enhancements to the Portal

CMS recently released an updated Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Portal (MSRP) user guide in the hopes to lead to some more efficient practices.  A summary of the updates is as follows:   To reduce the number of calls received by … Continue reading

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‘How to rent’ updated (and other non statutory guides)

A new ‘How to Rent’ Booklet was released today (26 June 2018) by MHCLG. This version must be provided to the tenant by the landlord (not just a link) for all new assured shorthold tenancies and replacement ASTs (including statutory … Continue reading

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Updated Stat Pack for October Term 2017

You can view the latest Stat Pack for October Term 2017 here. Our Stat Pack includes information about the cases remaining, the number of opinions authored by each justice, the rates of agreement among justices, the pace of grants for … Continue reading

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