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Freshen up Your Networking with Three Unusual Tips

Happy International Networking Week! We’ve talked a lot about networking here at Zen, and covered a lot of the traditional ideas: Use social media to prime your contacts before an event. Don’t skip anything. Don’t hang around with only the … Continue reading

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Unusual Assets That May Need to Be Divided in a Divorce

When most people think of marital assets that get divided in a divorce, things like houses, cars, and retirement accounts usually come to mind. However, there are various other types of assets that couples going through a divorce may have … Continue reading

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LSU Fan's Present Unusual Challenges

A split-level yellow house has just hit the market last week in New Orleans and brings along a mountain of goodies for just the right person: Jacuzzi, pool table, tons of free LSU gear, several Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra… … Continue reading

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An even more unusual role

I have written before that Justice Thomas rarely assigns majority opinions, given seniority and the Court's ideological breakdown. Well, according to Slate's Mark Joseph Stern, Tuesday's opinion in Sessions v. Dimaya marked the first time in 25 years on the … Continue reading

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In cases involving alleged abuse of a minor child courts owe “unusual deference” to a school official’s decision to report reasonably suspected abuse and neglect

School District employees reporting "potential child abuse" to a state agency led to the parent bringing an action in federal court alleging violations of Title VII and the parent's Constitutionally protected right of free speech. The court dismissed the complaint … Continue reading

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