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Another Reason Business People Need to Manage their Attorneys: The Legal Industry’s Definition of “Productivity” Drives Unnecessary Work

The attorney’s definition of “productivity”? How many hours did I bill the client and get paid for? It’s that simplistic. And it’s that one-sided — in favor of the lawyer — and against the client. Consequently — according to conventional … Continue reading

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Removing Unnecessary Rules at the PTO

As required by the Trump White House, the USPTO has continued its process of removing regulations that are “potentially outdated, unnecessary, ineffective, costly, or unduly burdensome to both government and private sector operations.”  Executive Order 13777.  In this newest proposal (NPRM), the office proposes … Continue reading

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Merger Control in Ireland: Too Many Unnecessary Merger Notifications?

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol Paul K Gorecki (ESRI) asks Merger Control in Ireland: Too Many Unnecessary Merger Notifications? ABSTRACT: The market for corporate control plays an important role in ensuring that assets are deployed in an efficient and effective… … Continue reading

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"Yes" to Common Sense and "No" to Unnecessary Experts

Leonardo's Mona Lisa is an acclaimed "masterpiece". But what about use of the term "masterpiece" in relation to retirement homes? Is Masterpiece the Art of Living confusing with Masterpiece Living, when the marks are used by different entities in relation … Continue reading

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The EMS Helicopter Industry's Business Model Leads to Unnecessary Crashes

Emergency Medical Services helicopters don't get paid for being on call. They earn money only when transporting patients. But, when they do transport a patient, they are paid well — up to $20,000 per trip. The business model has worked … Continue reading

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