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Unjust Dismissal – A Powerful Remedy for Dismissed Employees in the Federal Sector

For most dismissed employees in Canada, a wrongful dismissal lawsuit is the best way to get a proper severance package if negotiations fail.  Fortunately, most employers are willing to provide or negotiate reasonable arrangements, so litigation is not always a … Continue reading

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Florida Resort Succeeds in Defeating a Condo Association’s Claim of Unjust Enrichment

The commercial contracts you create can provide you with many potential benefits if negotiated and executed properly. One of these benefits can, in some circumstances, be protection against certain types of legal claims. For example, if a party seeks to … Continue reading

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The Latest Word on Unjust Enrichment

This is an important decision for everyone who comes across equitable relief in their practice. In March 2017 a divided panel of the Ontario Court of Appeal in Moore v. Sweet overturned a finding of unjust enrichment on the ground … Continue reading

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Banks Claim For Unjust Enrichment Governed By Three-Year Statute of Limitations

Question: Is a banks claim against its borrower for unjust enrichment arising out of the borrowers nonpayment of a promissory note governed by the four-year statue of limitations for breach of written contract? Answer: No, according to the Fourth District Court … Continue reading

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