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Luddites Unite – Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Us

PrintWe’ve been thinking about artificial intelligence applications and how they might change, even transform, the way we do our business. Then, we heard an interesting story on public radio. It was about a Southern California manufacturer of sex dolls who … Continue reading

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Health Reporters Unite! How One Doctor's Complaint Turned a Public Database Private

By Justin Silverman Kansas City Star reporter Alan Bavley had a hunch. After years of investigating the health care industry, Bavley began to suspect that state medical boards did not adequately discipline doctors who committed malpractice. Physicians battling substance abuse, … Continue reading

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Law students unite in Chasing Ambulance

Hello LegalEase fans and sporadic viewers – thought you might enjoy this poorly filmed youtube video which features a few law students embracing their inner-lawyer. Meaning: Ambulance chaser. "The Wayne State University Law School Student Board of Governors (SBG) will … Continue reading

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Labour told to unite behind Brown (BBC News)

Labour is urged to unite behind Gordon Brown after heavy poll losses in Scotland, Wales and England. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Employment and Labour law

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Read more detail on Legal News Directory – Medical malpractice law

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