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Unique Strategy in ERISA Class Action Results in Zero Liability to Defendants

In Wema Hoover v. Brijon Management & Employee Leasing Services, et al., Case No. 3:14-cv-05786-MAS-DEA (D. N.J.), a former employee of Brijon Management & Employee Leasing Services, Inc. (Brijon) and a participant in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) sponsored … Continue reading

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A Policyholder Perspective on the Unique Challenges of a Three-Way Mediation

I recently participated in a negotiation with an insurer who had denied coverage for an underlying errors and omissions claim in the mid-seven figures. The insurer’s counsel and I exchanged stern letters, each explaining why our respective client’s position was … Continue reading

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Unique New Funeral Products Reflect New Industry Trends

To stand out from their competition and stay in business, funeral homes need to engage the growing number of people choosing cremation over burial. Exhibitors at the 2017 National Funeral Directors Association convention and expo in Boston indicate change is … Continue reading

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Litigating a Divorce or Family Law Case From Outside New Mexico Poses Unique Challenges

A person cannot be made a proper party to a divorce or family law case in New Mexico unless the New Mexico courts have jurisdiction over that party. The issue of jurisdiction can be complicated and can vary depending on … Continue reading

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Why do all general counsel think their law department is unique?

At the obvious level, they are right. Every person being unique, every law department, a fortiori, is unique. That no-argument point accepted, the felt differences have much less consequence when you look at a department in terms of its processes,… … Continue reading

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