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Employer’s Campaign Prediction That Employees Would Have To Join Union And Pay Dues As Condition Of Employment Not Coercive, NLRB Majority Rules

The NLRB currently is churning out cases and Advice Memoranda at a fairly regular pace.  We recently discussed NLRB decisions addressing information requests, handbook statements, and confidential informants. An interesting area of NLRB case law concerns campaign statements,–statements made by employer representatives … Continue reading

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<em>PruneYard</em> Undone: California's Union Easement – Which Invites Labor Organizers To Enter Private Property – Isn't A Physical Taking

The title of this post may have you wondering, especially the part about how a regulation that invites others to physically enter private property, is analyzed by a court as a Penn Central taking and not a physical taking.  At … Continue reading

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Is Alberta’s UCP Party Importing American Style Union Dues Laws?

April 23 2019 Is Alberta’s Newly Elected United Conservative Party Looking to the U.S. for Inspiration on Union Dues Law? Last week the people of Alberta elected the right-wing United Conservative Party (UCP)to a majority government, ending the one term reign … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Court Dismisses Statutory Misrepresentation Claim against Credit Union Board in Landmark Decision

In the following guest post, Deepshikha Dutt, Douglas B.B. Stewart,of and Frank E.P. Bowman of the Dentons law firm review and analyze a recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice relating to the liabilities of directors and officers under Ontario … Continue reading

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