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What Crimes Under Texas Law Can Cause You to Be Placed on the Sex Offender Registry?

Convictions for over 20 types of criminal offenses in the state of Texas require individuals to register as a sex offender. Additionally, sex offender registration can be a condition of parole or community supervision, in some cases. Individuals convicted of … Continue reading

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Epidiolex – New CBD Oil Drug Will Be Legal Under Federal Law, Classified As Schedule V for Certain FDA-Approved Drugs Containing Cannabidiol

Epidiolex is now the only legal CBD oil recognized under federal law. CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant that many people use for its supposed therapeutic properties to treat several ailments and chronic illnesses.  According to … Continue reading

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In-Depth Look: Joint-Employer Standard and Liability Under California Law

Employers must keep in mind California’s rules and tests when determining joint-employer liability. Last week, we posted about the proposed rule recently announced by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which would change the standard for determining joint-employer status under … Continue reading

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(Video) Statutory Presumptions of Fraud Under The Bankruptcy Code

We have blogged on this topic before. The general consensus in the Bankruptcy Code favors discharging unsecured debt. However, there are reasons why creditors can object to you discharging a debt with them and they are contained in Section 523 … Continue reading

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Federal Appellate Court Affirms Summary Judgment in Favor of Defendant under Daubert Standard

A federal appellate court recently issued an opinion in a personal injury case that was appealed by a plaintiff after the district court excluded the plaintiff’s expert witness testimony. The case is important for New Mexico personal injury plaintiffs, because … Continue reading

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