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Medical Marijuana License: the Ultimate Convenience!

Medical Marijuana License: the Ultimate Convenience! Whispered Medical Marijuana License Secrets Thankfully, Californians enjoy the simplest way to talk to a health marijuana physician and become accepted for medicinal cannabis on the web. Arizona was among the initial countries to … Continue reading

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Case o' The Week: Expert Case A Bitter Pill to Swallow – Diaz and Expert Testimony on Ultimate Legal Issue

  A doc prescribes 5 million opiate pills in four years.  (Yet the government still needs an expert to opine on the ultimate legal issue: that this was “outside the usual course of professional practice?”)United States v. Julio Diaz, 2017 … Continue reading

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Marie Osmond remarries first husband, the ultimate reconciliation

On May 4, in a private ceremony at the Latter Day Saints Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada, career singer and entertainer Marie Osmond married Stephen Craig for the second time. Marie Osmond (51) and Stephen Craig (54) were first married … Continue reading

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Lanham Act False Advertising Injunction Entered on Advertising Sent Only to National Retailers, Not the Ultimate Consumer

Recently, a federal court in Manhattan issued a preliminary injunction to stop advertising messages regarding rodenticides, which were conveyed to large national retailers like The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, CVS/Pharmacy, Walgreens, Wegmans, Kroger, Safeway, and other national retail chains. The … Continue reading

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The ultimate trademark?

Okay, so I thought I had accomplished something by snagging a registration for the concept at the heart of trademark protection – why, LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION® of course! This, however, takes the cake: Now, of course, we all know that … Continue reading

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