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Why Aren’t U.S. Workers Working?

FRBSF Economic Letter 2018-24 | November 13, 2018. Why Aren’t U.S. Workers Working? Mary C. Daly, Joseph H. Pedtke, Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau, and Annemarie Schweinert. “The decline in labor force participation of U.S. men and women ages 25 to 54 stands … Continue reading

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U.S. Sits Out Paris Cyber Accord, Along with China, Russia, and North Korea

The United States, along with China, Russia, and Iran, has refused to sign a new cyber security initiative supported by over 50 countries and a host of technology industry leaders this week. French President Emmanuel Macron introduced the initiative, called … Continue reading

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Rock Legend Billy Idol Now a U.S. Citizen

It’s a nice day for a naturalization ceremony. Congratulations Billy Idol on becoming a #newUScitizen today in Los Angeles, CA. pic.twitter.com/4s7KXHqoKC — USCIS (@USCIS) November 15, 2018 Yesterday, rock legend Billy Idol, who was born in England, became a U.S…. … Continue reading

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U.S. Court Allows Video Deposition Over EU Deponent’s Privacy Objections

A U.S. court has recently ruled that an EU citizen’s privacy rights and the GDPR do not trump a U.S. litigant’s right to obtain discovery, including video-taped depositions. In d’Amico Dry d.a.c. v. Nikka Finance, Inc., CA 18-0284-KD-MU, Dkt. No. … Continue reading

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While Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision Extends Federal Age Discrimination Protections for Public Employees, New Jersey Law Already Offered Strong Protection to Older Government Employees

Amazingly, despite the law being clear for many years that age discrimination in employment is illegal, and despite the fact that both research and experience have shown the value of mature workers, age discrimination against older employees continues to be … Continue reading

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