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Private Equity, Hedge Funds, & Investment Vehicles in the U.S. Executive Summary

The Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Investment Vehicles industry consists of funds that raise capital to be strategically managed by an investment manager who exploits inefficient businesses, markets, and security prices to generate excessive returns while taking on as little … Continue reading

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U.S. dark chocolate sales soar on health benefits (Reuters via Yahoo! News)

U.S. dark chocolate sales are anything but bittersweet, as its much-touted health benefits and mass marketing introduced by companies such as Hershey Co. and Lindt & Sprungli Co. Plc. turn the product into a popular, guilt-free indulgence. Read more detail … Continue reading

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Is Insurance Really Exempt from the U.S. Antitrust Laws?

In many instances, conduct involving the business of insurance is, indeed, exempt from antitrust liability. So why does insurance sometimes get a free pass? In 1945, Congress passed a law called The McCarran-Ferguson Act. Insurance, of course, has traditionally been … Continue reading

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Can Foreign Government Use U.S. Court to Collect From U.S. Person?

If a U.S. person commits tax fraud under the laws of a foreign county, can the foreign country’s tax collector use the U.S. court system to collect from the U.S. person? The court recently addressed this in In re SKAT … Continue reading

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Judges to U.S. on Shutdown: ‘Pound Sand’

What, you may wonder, happens to suits against the federal government when the money spigot closes? And if you have a suit against the U.S. — say a Federal Tort Claims Act action — what should you do? Good questions. … Continue reading

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