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Three Types of Divorce: Finding the Best Fit

Just like people, divorces come in all shapes and sizes. There are multiples types of divorce that are recognized in Illinois, including mediated divorce, collaborative divorce, and litigated divorce. Each type of divorce has its own pros and cons, and … Continue reading

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Buying Types of Essays

Buying Types of Essays Up in Arms About Types of Essays? Women and men have a inclination to decide on a range of topics of who they are and make an effort to describe most these. For instance, you may … Continue reading

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5 Common Personality Types for Attorneys

Only five common personality types for attorneys – is this right? Some would guess that all contain at least one profanity or expletive. But rest assured, the tests have been done and the buckets appear normal. Although lawyers are like … Continue reading

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FASTER, PLEASE: Cancer ‘vaccine’ kills multiple types of cancer in experiment with mice….

FASTER, PLEASE: Cancer ‘vaccine’ kills multiple types of cancer in experiment with mice. Read more detail on Recent Law Professor posts –

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Bankruptcy Basics (Part I) The Different Types of Bankruptcy Cases

The main goal of any bankruptcy case is getting a discharge of a large amount of debt. Getting a debt discharged means that the debtor is no longer obligated to repay the debt. Credit card debt and medical debt are … Continue reading

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