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Amanda Tyler and the Original Meaning of the Habeas Corpus Suspension Clause

Nonoriginalism is not necessarily more protective of rights. It can also choose not to protect certain rights — namely, those in the Constitution. For example, the Supreme Court continues to inadequately protect rights under the Contracts Clause. Another example is … Continue reading

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Legal Theory Bookworm: "Habeas Corpus in Wartime" by Tyler

The Legal Theory Bookworm recommends Habeas Corpus in Wartime: From the Tower of London to Guantanamo Bay by  Amanda L. Tyler.  Here is a description: Habeas Corpus in Wartime unearths and presents a comprehensive account of the legal and political history of habeas corpus in … Continue reading

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Tyler Hall redux on what trademarks do

Traditional, Source-Identifying Trademarks vs the Trademark-as-a-Product As source-identifiers, trademarks help consumers distinguish between competing products, signalling that a product comes from a specific source. This […] Read more detail on Recent Copyright posts –

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Huq, Tyler & Schulhofer on Public Cooperation with Law Enforcement

Aziz Z. Huq (pictured), Tom Tyler and Stephen Schulhofer (University of Chicago Law School , New York University (NYU) – Department of Psychology and New York University (NYU) – School of Law) have posted two manscripts on SSRN dealing with… … Continue reading

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Historic Aviation Memorial Museum Gets New Plane (KLTV 7 Tyler)

Its not everyday you see a large airplane driving through Tyler, but thats how one special plane got to East Texas Friday night. The Historic Aviation Memorial Museum in Tyler welcomed its newest member Friday, the F-100 Super Sabre. Read … Continue reading

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