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The Perils and Pitfalls of Grantor Trust Triggers

Non-grantor trusts can be beneficial to clients to lower state income taxes. Generally most trusts are non-grantor trusts, but if the grantor retains, or is deemed to retain, certain powers or interests in a trust, then the trust’s income, deductions… … Continue reading

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Reno’s Biggest Asbestos Trust Fund “Scammers” – Laura Paul and Sara Beth Brown – Liars/Frauds/Trust Fund Thieves

Reno’s Biggest Asbestos Trust “Scammers” – Laura Paul and Sara Beth Brown – Liars/Frauds/Trust Fund Thieves The “Biggest Little City in the World” (Reno, NV) also contains the “Biggest Asbestos Trust Fund Scammers” in the World:  Laura Paul and Sara … Continue reading

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American Finance Trust – $16.25/Share – Secondary Sale Price

American Finance Trust – AFIN – Recovery of Investment Losses Have you suffered losses investing in American Finance Trust, Inc. at the recommendation of your financial advisor? If so, the securities attorneys at The White Law Group may be able … Continue reading

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The Selfish Side of Self-Reporting: Should We Trust the Numbers Behind Music Streaming?

Music consumers love streaming services. The data surrounding subscriptions and revenue tells us so. Largely self-reporting systems, however, have made it more complicated to quantify that success. Can we trust companies to embrace transparency when their own interests rely so … Continue reading

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Updated Florida Irrevocable Trust Amendment Mechanisms [Florida]

By Charles (Chuck) Rubin & Jenna RubinFlorida practitioners will tell you that it is difficult to aggregate and analyze all the potential legal avenues to amending or terminating an irrevocable trust. We have previously created a map/chart that summarizes the … Continue reading

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