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Don’t Always Believe What the IRS Tells You About Your Trust Fund Taxes (or Anything Else)

A 2017 case is a stark $300,000 reminder that the IRS is not bound by statements made by its employees, such as Revenue Officers. Tommy Weder was a responsible officer of a corporation which failed to pay its payroll taxes, … Continue reading

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What is a Settelor in a Trust? Illinois Estate Planning Help

In this article, we will explain what a settelor is in a revocable trust in Illinois. We will cover the topics "Who is a Settelor?", Settlor tips in Illinois and common settlor mistakes in Illinois. Read more detail on Recent … Continue reading

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When Can an Estate or Trust Distribute IRD to a Charity and Receive an Income Tax Charitable Deduction?—The Answer is not Simple

Ladson Boyle and Jonathan G. Blattmachr, IRD and Charities: The Separate Share Regulations and the Economic Effect Requirement, 52 Real Prop. Tr. & Est. L.J. 369 (2018). Michael Yu Can an estate or trust with charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries (1) … Continue reading

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GSS Data Services, Inc. and Wilmington Trust Company win dismissal of law firm's suit brought against them in New York over NCSLT-related legal work

New York state court grants dismissal for lack of personal jurisdiction in favor of GSS Data Services, Inc. and Wilmington Trust Company in attorney fee fight related to legal squabble over National Collegiate Student Loan Trust ownership and control in … Continue reading

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Recent Ohio Court Case Explored the Scope of Communication Responsibilities Among Financial Institutions, Trustees and Trust Beneficiaries

Jeff Ireland and Michael Mayer represented individual clients who sued PNC Bank N.A. for violations of trust agreements.  Jeff and Michael worked in conjunction with co-counsel from Cincinnati.  Plaintiffs (three brothers) brought several claims against a bank and its co-trustee … Continue reading

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