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Washington Post Tries to Take Down Parody Site Announcing Trump's Resignation

If you were in Washington, D.C. last week, you had a chance to be one of the lucky recipients of a parody newspaper spoofing the Washington Post and crowing about the “Unpresidented” flight of Donald Trump from the Oval Office … Continue reading

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Matthew Kolken on the Shutdown over Funding for Trump's Wall

Read more detail on Recent Immigration Law posts –

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[Ilya Somin] Trump's Terrible Record on Property Rights

The President's recent threat to use "the military version of eminent domain" to seize property for his border wall is just the tip of a larger iceberg of policies inimical to constitutional property rights.President Trump's recent threat to use "the … Continue reading

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[Ilya Somin] Trump's Syria Withdrawal Does Nothing to Restore Constitutional Limits on Presidential War Powers

While the Syria intervention lacked proper congressional authorization, constitutional considerations had nothing to do with Trump's withdrawal decision. Indeed, his administration has doubled down on Obama-era arguments asserting broad presidential authority to initiate military interventions. Donald Trump's recent decision to … Continue reading

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Restaurant can't bring unfair competition claim against Trump Old Post Office claim for using Trump's name to draw business

K&D, LLC v. Trump Old Post Office, LLC, No. 17-731 (RJL), 2018 WL 6173449 (D.D.C. Nov. 26, 2018)Plaintiff owns Cork Wine Bar, located in the downtown Washington, D.C. area. Cork argued that it faced unfair competition from the Trump Old … Continue reading

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