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Driesen on Trump's Executive Orders

David M. Driesen (Syracuse University College of Law) has posted President Trump's Executive Orders and the Rule of Law on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: This article asks whether President Trump's executive orders constitute an extraordinary assault on the rule of law … Continue reading

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[Ilya Somin] Why Trump's Words Matter

Relatively few defend Donald Trump's awful statements and Tweets. But many – including some libertarians – tend to dismiss them as mere "talk." In a world where there are many horrible and unjust government policies that undermine liberty and inflict … Continue reading

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Trump's Travel Ban Turns One

Photo by Benson Kua One year ago today, President Trump issued Executive Order 13769: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. It's been a year of protest and amazing lawyering, a year where courts have repeatedly… … Continue reading

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Trump's global gag rule goes far beyond abortion, groups say

ABC News (January 23,2018), Trump's global gag rule goes far beyond abortion, groups say, by Cara Anna: One year after President Trump reinstated and expanded the scope of the global gag rule health groups describe the the impact as "devastating."… … Continue reading

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In Light of President Trump's Comments, Evangelical Leaders Urge Solution for Dreamers

Today, executives from the seven national Christian organizations that form the leadership of the Evangelical Immigration Table released a statement regarding recent reported comments from President Trump and the bipartisan Congressional negotiations over a legislative solution for recipients of Deferred… … Continue reading

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