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Google gaffes: Help keep your judge out of trouble

The ease of the internet has allowed us to instantly satisfy any curiosity. What happens when a judge is curious to learn more about facts beyond what the parties have presented? Consider the following scenario. Scroll all the way down … Continue reading

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Is Shareholder Litigation in Delaware in Trouble?

In prior posts (for example here), I noted that a series of Delaware court decisions culminating in the Court of Chancery’s January 2016 opinion in the Trulia case signaled the state’s courts’ hostility to disclosure-only settlements in merger objection lawsuit, … Continue reading

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These Six Letters Can Spell “Trouble” for Sweeps and Promotions

There are certain words and phrases that set the antennae of promotions lawyers – and law enforcers – buzzing. “Everybody wins” comes to mind right away – but there is one little word that can pay out tremendous legal problems … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Fraud Can Mean Big Trouble

Bankruptcy Fraud Can Mean Big Trouble The federal bankruptcy process is streamlined to provide timely financial relief to deserving individuals. A Chapter 7 "erase-your-debts-and-start-fresh" bankruptcy generally takes a mere 4-5 months, start to finish. The debtor discharges burdensome unsecured debt, … Continue reading

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Tyson tattoo trouble

That was close! The release of The Hangover Part II was in danger of being enjoined by a federal judge… but, for better or worse, the Honorable Catherine D. Perry of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of … Continue reading

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